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Our Children Are Our Future


It is a simple concept, with a powerful message.


We have launched the “Eye-Can” movement for kids.  It’s time to teach our children ANYTHING is possible, and they are more than capable of achieving their dreams!

The “Eye-Can” is a motivational tool that serves a dual purpose.  It is designed to help the owner with a visual hands-on reminder that ANY goal is achievable and when purchased proceeds go to raise important and necessary funds for your school.  Eye-Can also participates by donating a portion of proceeds to Mental Health initiatives in Canada. It is a win-win-win!

Fundraising is an increasingly important and fundamental tool in obtaining additional revenue for our schools and communities, aiding in the purchase of essential items not otherwise attainable through government funding.  The products primarily sold to raise funds are chocolates, cookies, magazines and holiday wrappings.

It’s time for a change!

This unique product is capable of spanning the generation gap as it is as relative to adults as it is to children.  

As the founder of “Eye-Can” I would like the opportunity to present this unique tool, to you and your colleagues and show you how you can start using “Eye-Can” for your fundraising needs and more importantly, to get the message out and start empowering our children.  

  To put a different spin on collecting donations instead of the usual way...

Looking for an engaging group volunteer activity, team building, group bonding event? 

Eye-Can will work with your school to help design a custom kit that is perfect for your cause and your budget, to give back. This is a great way for kids to have fun, learn about team building whilst helping others and create an impact. 

Let’s start NOW… empowering our children to believe… “I CAN” DO ANYTHING !!!


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