About Us

The Dynamic Duo !




The product comes about through the inspiration of Roslyn King, who created the first concept of Eye-Can as a tool to help her through a personally difficult period in her life. It worked for her and now she wants the product to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Roslyn, a mother of 4 boys and a grandmother, has worked very closely with people one on one for over 40 years, which has given her an intimate understanding of what drives people and what we all want for ourselves.

She has transformed men and women, in the physical sense for many years. Seeing the power that's within each of us has always been compelling to her.

So, it was a very natural progression to move into coaching and get to the heart of real, life-changing transformation. 

The emotional being transforms the physical being. Working with people starting over, to help them define what they want, recognize who they are, and live a life that supports their happiness while achieving lasting positive results. 




Glenda Kroll is aresilient and resourceful, pragmatic, yet passionate woman. Hailing from Toronto, the mother of two has had her fair share of both heartbreak and happiness. Through her trials and tribulations, she has become a voice to help others as a life, health and personal development coach. Using her remarkable and fascinating journey as inspiration, Glenda is on an exciting mission to empower people to realize their inner power in order for them to rebuild themselves and accomplish all of their desires.