What it is.


Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most profound.

Eye Can is a unique product designed to motivate and focus people.

Correctly positioned and marketed, 

Eye-Can” can transform people’s mindsets and spirits; provide a focused vehicle to help people achieve their goals and aspirations.

Eye-Can” can be used as a tool for positive change. Your organization can be a lightning rod in that process, used for both inside and outside your corporate environment.

Eye-Can” is a tool that translates on a daily basis.

The “Eye-Can” Program Concept:

Eyes are the mirrors to the soul, gateway to the human spirit, they beckon, inspire and instill hope as well as evoke the deepest of human emotion.

The “Eye-Can” product uses eyes to focus our thoughts and creative energy.

The product itself is very simple: a purposefully unadorned metal can comes equipped with an individual set of eyes that can be affixed to it’s exterior surface and a dry erase marker so you can write your own goal.  

When placed in a prominent location, the “Eye-Can” serves as a mute but constant reminder that  “I CAN DO IT”. 

Whether it is achieving a personal goal, persevering through illness or remaining resolute in ensuring the needed personal change. The “Eye-Can” can become a powerful vehicle for life transformation and the lifting of the human spirit.

The “Eye-Can” merits a place in every home, in every study, every kitchen, on every desk. The “Eye-Can” will make life seem a little easier and the difficult all the more achievable.

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